Michigan’s only student-run startup incubator

We believe that the best way to learn entrepreneurship is by doing. StartUM is a startup incubator where you work through every step of the entrepreneurial process, from ideation to funding.

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How Does StartUM Work?

StartUM's curriculum has four key phases. From ideation workshops to StartUM grants for founders, we take you through every step of the startup journey.

1. Ideation

Ideation is the formation of ideas or concepts. At StartUM, you will be lead through numerous exercises to help you break the current assumptions of different business models and to discover the core concepts of innovation.

2. Customer Discovery

Customer discovery is the process of testing the core assumptions of your business by discovering who makes up your customer base. Through StartUM, you will learn methods of effectively polling and interviewing the general population to understand who your customers are.

3. Development

Create and launch your startup. StartUM has a plethora of experienced mentors with experience creating everything from websites and mobile apps to brick and mortar commerce and services who will help lead your team from conception to launch.

4. Funding

The University of Michigan has many of opportunities for student entrepreneurs to gain funding. StartUM will help connect you to funding opportunities at the Center for Entrepreneurship and the Zell Laurie Institute. StartUM also offers grants to qualified entrepreneurs to help get their busineseses off the ground.

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Upcoming Info Sessions:
BBA Meet the Clubs - Thursday, Sept 12th 4-6pm in Ross
Info Session #1 - Sunday, Sept 15th 5-6pm in R1120
Info Session #2 - Monday, Sept 16th 5-6pm in B3560

Contact the board by email if you have any questions at StartUmboard19@umich.edu. Our application is open for the Fall 2019 Cohort and is due September 20th. Recruiting reopens during the winter semester. No experience is necessary and all grades and majors are welcome to apply.

Application Coming Winter Semester